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  • Исполнитель: Forever Came Calling
  • Название: Kansas City
  • Длительность: 5:35
  • Лейбл: Murder Dog Magazine, Urbanlife Distribution, Rapbay
Forever Came Calling - Kansas City
Forever Came Calling - Kansas City
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Текст песни Kansas City
Them niggas is dumb niggas
Disrespecting somebody that loved y’all niggas
You deserve everything you got coming you dumb motherfuckers
This one’s for the rogues, this one’s for the hoes
This one’s for the shows, this one’s for the ghettos
This one’s for the rogues, this one’s for the hoes
This one’s for the shows, this one’s for the ghettos
(Ey) Who put them asses in motion?
(Ey) Who flow it fast like the ocean?
(Ey) This shit is past the commotion
I’m 'bout to push it further nigga rub it in with lotion
So many posed to be holding me totally foes to me
Gold to the protege his quota be so
But he alacrity rhyme motherfuckers know the design
How you gonna disrespect me when the whole city’s mine?
I been grinding like a motherfucker chasing my dream
No longer chasing I’m making my green
And it seems that them niggas talking tough shit
Not just some niggas but the hood I grew up with, niggas I grew up Get this
(what's that), them niggas is pissed
Cause I got their house note, mistresses’s house note
Five car notes income tax return
And three child support checks on my wrist
I’m the…
Kansas City King
I’m the baddest nigga that you ever seen
You stupid niggas don’t really want no money green
You 'bout to see me take it about to see me bling
All you motherfuckers the
Down to the nitty gritty did I say nitty I said nitty
Cause ever since he left the shit ain’t been pretty
Nigga had to skip scenes when he rammed his
Dick up in something sacred and your honor
Probably gave him fifteen of the damnedest
When I didn’t have Scheiße to do
I used to sit up on the block with the crew and drank brew
Now niggas mad because I’m gone «bonjour»
Stupid niggas you never see me 'cause I’m «on tour»
Stacking cash and smacking asses with the masses
You still jacking stashes gun blastes
Funny how my money it runs rapid
Labelled me a devil cause your hustling level I done passed it
Nigga Will, my nigga still
You kept it real kept it all about the dollar bill
They wrong and you know it and I’m about to show it
Since you said you was misquoted nigga I’ma hold it
I’m the…
Big Scoob you fixing to get schooled
How could you just diss dude and do something this crude you
Motherfucking fool you
I taught you patterns how to combat 'em cause you knew I was O.G. like TuLu
I told you lets do the group called RDV
And you said no cause ain’t know we repping that R-E-D
Then I said fuck that, I mean with R-A-P
Get together and make the cheddar as far as they see
So I extended a hand to blend with with a band
Now ex-friends with a man they’ll send to the can
When you pass me motherfuckers don’t you ever ever ask me
Shit about Stuart Ashby simply because he slashed me
Who used to trust you? (ME!)
Who slept on your couch with and AK ready to bust who? (ME!)
You say people saying 5−7 R.D.V.'s ain’t shit without me
Make you wanna say fuck me, well FUCK YOU I’m the…
I started y’all gangster shit
And this the motherfucking thanks I get?
You been challenging me ever since fourth and fifth grade
Mad cause you didn’t get your credits on «Mitch' Bade»
Talked to Don Juan, you don’t want none
Look at you blood you just a crab wonton
Making everything black and white the fattest
Not at all but your business can’t compete with Travis
At its worst status
Strange will change the name of the game
And claim domain and all lames will ravish
Michael Whitebear, you been waiting to bust rounds
At a nigga well the opportunities right there
Sixteen bars ain’t enough to express how I feel about you niggas
Now I’m with my two niggas deuce niggas
Reign 'till I’m slain they will forever feel me
The only way to stop me you got to kill me the…
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