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  • Слушали: 70
  • Исполнитель: Graduating Life
  • Название: Don't Have Kids
  • Длительность: 4:12
  • Лейбл: Pure Noise
Graduating Life - Don't Have Kids
Graduating Life - Don't Have Kids
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Текст песни Don't Have Kids
I want stability with no strings attached
'Cause I’m the burnt out kid at the back of the class
When all the kids would point and laugh at my weight
And I’d be clenching my fist hoping to put it through the back of their face
I hope you all die
A very painful death my friends
'Cause when that bell rings
No the nightmare doesn’t end it just begins
It’s been a long time coming
I just want one household to grow up in
And everything looks better
With my face buried deep in my warm black sweater
It’s time, gotta stand up for myself
Hey, can you hear me? I need help
Do people just forget the things
That happened when they were a kid
Or should they carry over and be fresh
In their minds to shape how they live?
Hey, you yell at me
Tell me all the things that you want me to be
You came down the stairs and asked me if I was tough
And pushed me against the wall, is this family love?
I hit as hard as I could, grabbed my shit and then left
Why did I ever think you could love me
Enough to give me respect?
Now I’m just the kid who didn’t find his place
And found out all the things you hate
Are all the things you can’t change
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